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Morkonan View Profile View Posts. The game can sometimes have trouble running on Macs and it can even take a bit of work to run it smoothly on PC. Though, one can almost always get it to run very well on PC if one takes the appropriate measures. There are plenty of websites and other forums than you can turn to for help in getting it running on your Mac. I don't have a Mac, so am not familiar enough with it to help much, there.

The Sims 4 on Mac - How Well Does it Run? (Mac Performance Review)

Steam has a new refund policy you can take advantage of. You can return your purchase for a full refund before two weeks have passed or two hours of gameplay. It's possible you could buy the game and, if you couldn't get it to run, you could legitimately ask for a refund with an excellent chance it will be honored, so long as you meet the requirements. But, with this older game, what's most important is whether or not your hardware is compatible enough with the game's ancient code in order to run it.

Because it was released several months before the BAT as a stand-alone version, users at the time were only capable of producing lots that consisted of built-in props from SC4. However, the old version is still made available in the official site. In addition to official tools, third party programs were released for further accessibility in editing SimCity 4 contents, potentially allowing users to change the nature of the game itself. Since the release of the Lot Editor and the BAT, the majority of add-ons in circulation consists of user-created content; most are buildings and lots, while others include cosmetic changes for terrains, custom vehicles and modifications in the game's behaviors; Some even fundamentally change the behavior of facets of the game.

Both the skills of lot building and modding are also integrated at times, producing lots that are capable of affecting a city in a variety of ways. Maxis and Electronic Arts have released a total of three patches that improve or fix issues discovered in the original versions of SC4 and Rush Hour two for the original SC4 and one for Rush Hour.

Among other things, the patches contain performance improvements for larger cities and a variety of minor bug fixes. The two pre- Rush Hour patches each fixed errors in the game code that, while not impeding actual gameplay, were previously preventing nearly a third of the Maxis-designed buildings from ever appearing in the game.

SimCity (Game) - Giant Bomb

The first patch fixed the so-called "Houston Tileset Bug" which was leaving one of the game's three tilesets, a collection of contemporary Houston -inspired buildings, completely out of the rotation, meaning that the only buildings from that tileset ever to appear were several smaller variations shared by all three of the game's original tilesets. With the introduction of that patch, it rapidly became apparent that there was another underlying bug that was preventing approximately two dozen of the game's largest buildings from appearing.

This issue was fixed in the second patch.

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Although not necessarily a "bug", players often complained about the unrealistic pathfinding mechanism; it would often find the shortest route but not the fastest, [18 ] which often left mass transit and highways relatively unused. Many players have made mods which have corrected this issue. An integer overflow bug is also present in the game. Under certain conditions, the Junior Sports Program and Parks and Recreation expense items will be a negative value - thus adding to the end of month balance instead of reducing it.

The game has major flaws when operating on computers by Apple using Intel processors.

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Aspyr released a beta of a patch to fix the problems in , but the patch was never finalized and many bugs remain. Some have a serious impact on playability, [19 ] including frequent crashes if a city exceeds 95, population, flawed display of the water surface, frequent blurring or replacement of objects with random other objects, and an inability to significantly accelerate the vehicle in driving mode that prevents many gameplay features from being unlocked.

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  • The game got a 9. The game scored an 8. The review concluded that it was a "complex and detailed strategy game", "though not as polished as it could have been". The review however criticizes SimCity 4 for suffering crashes and performance issues. The review stated that SimCity 4 "is a magnificent simulator of how to build, run and manage a city.


    SimCity 4 received further reviews after the release of the Macintosh version. The game received a rating of 7. The review commented that the regional gameplay was a "new and welcome addition" and that it had detailed and realistic graphics; it was also said however that the game was not "revolutionary", had "horrendous bugs", and that the tutorial and manual lacked information. The expansion pack, among others, enhances the range of transportation facilities such as four lane avenues, as well as allowing the player to trace traffic flow, control vehicles and construct larger civic facilities, and introduces a new range of contemporary European-inspired architecture.

    SimCity kind of worked itself into a corner, [because] we were still appealing to this core SimCity group.

    About This Game

    It had gotten a little complicated for people who had never played SimCity. We want to take it back to its roots where somebody who had never heard of SimCity can pick it up and enjoy playing it without thinking it was really, really hard. Will Wright [31 ] Will Wright has previously stated in an interview on May 16, , that there would probably be more expansion packs after Rush Hour , [32 ] but none were ever released.

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    In another interview on May 22, , Wright stated that Maxis was attempting to work out a "new direction" for SimCity after new versions had become "steadily more complex". It was released on November 13, Despite this bleak outlook, Apple has definitely not given up on bringing games to Mac. The last few years have seen the company pivot towards services in a major way, and Apple Arcade is one of its latest bright ideas.

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    Apple Arcade is, in a nutshell, a games subscription service. But the service is lacking one thing: True blockbuster games. Of course, it could just be that Apple is saving the biggest game announcements for later, but you would expect it to unveil at least one major AAA game by now if it had secured one in order to build hype. For one thing, major games studios may be reluctant to work with a company that has never truly embraced gaming.

    It has its eyes on a different prize. This makes a lot of sense.

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