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According to estimates by Euromonitor , the male skincare products market expanded by 7. When it comes to cosmetics, men are mainly concerned with cleansing and dealing with oily skin. This demonstrates that male consumers are beginning to pay more attention to skin conditions such as aging and coarseness. Cosmeceuticals, especially Chinese herbal cosmetics, are opening up a new sector in the cosmetics market. China's cosmeceuticals market appears to have plenty of potential for growth.

With young consumers beginning to concern themselves more about the ingredients and quality of the products they buy, the age at which they start to purchase cosmeceuticals is becoming increasingly lower. Consumers can be grouped into three major tiers - upper, middle and lower, based on their preference for brand, quality and price, along with their purchasing power. Buyers of imported brand products in the high-end market are mostly high-income earners in large and medium-sized cities. Most are young and middle-aged women who prefer famous cosmetics brands from Europe, the US and Japan.

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People are increasingly aware of cosmetics safety issues. A series of problems arising from unsafe products have put consumers, manufacturers and regulatory authorities on alert. The introduction of hygienic and safety technology standards for cosmetics should help regulate the behaviour of cosmetics manufacturers and protect the rights of consumers. All-natural DIY cosmetics have gained popularity in recent years.

Consumers buy the ingredients themselves and create tailor-made cosmetics and skincare products with their own formulas. Today, DIY cosmetics have become increasingly commercialised, mass-produced and sold through e-commerce platforms such as Taobao. Nevertheless, DIY cosmetics for online sales tend to have quality problems.

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They do not meet the requirements stipulated in the Regulations on Cosmetics Hygiene Supervision and have not applied for cosmetics production and sales permits. Domestic brands are mostly concentrated in the mid- to low-end market segments, while joint ventures and enterprises with foreign investment dominate the high-end segment. Domestic cosmetics brands have been active in image-building in recent years — for example, promoting marine-based skincare products, natural plant-based skincare products and modern Chinese herbal skincare products.

Their reputation is on the rise both at home and abroad. Domestic companies are paying increasing attention to product development and quality. Domestic make-up products are also becoming more diversified.

Domestic companies have successfully opened up a cosmetics market with Chinese cultural characteristics, launching items like limited editions of Chinese-style vanity gift boxes. Domestic brands are actively applying traditional Chinese medicine concepts and natural extraction methods in their development of skincare products, such as the Tai Ji and Yu Wu Xing series from Herborist. In the past, domestic brands emphasised value for money and mostly targeted second- and third-tier markets.

Today, some large domestic companies have started to develop high-quality products, aiming to meet the demands of increasingly discerning consumers in the domestic mid- and high-end markets. Some domestic brands, including Tongrentang and Herborist , have also ventured into the cosmeceuticals market and are gradually achieving growing recognition from consumers.

Competition is expected to become increasingly intense. The main sales channels for cosmetics on the mainland include integrated e-commerce platforms, wholesale markets, supermarkets and department stores, dedicated counters, specialty chain stores, drugstores, beauty parlours and direct selling. Integrated e-commerce platforms, department stores and specialty stores are now the top three sales channels. According to iiMedia Research , brand and word-of-mouth are the two factors that mainland consumers care about most when buying cosmetics.

Only a few domestic brands, such as Herborist , are able to compete with these giants. Some brands expand their business by opening specialty stores - mainly directly operated specialty store and franchise store formats.

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Many multi-national cosmetics giants prefer directly-operated specialty stores, in which they can display brand image better, ensure quality of service and enforce unified, stable pricing. Franchise chain stores, however, are generally regarded to be the most effective format, involving the least input and achieving the highest rate of success.

Direct selling companies reward distributors depending on the quantity of goods sold through their networks. Avon was the first brand to launch a direct-selling pilot programme after the Regulations for the Administration of Direct Selling were introduced in Direct-selling licences were later granted to Amway , Perfect , Longrich and others. While the cosmeceuticals market is now dominated by foreign players, a number of local pharmaceutical companies have begun to make use of this sales channel.

Cosmetic products are also distributed through traditional, pampering and therapeutic beauty parlours, large and medium-sized high-end beauty spas, franchise chain stores, and grooming and hairdressing parlours.

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Many foreign brands have entered the mainland market by acquiring domestic brands and using their distribution networks. Some foreign brands are establishing their presence in the mainland market through online shopping platforms. Fairs held in China provide an ideal channel for industry players to gather the latest information and to meet dealers.

Some of the cosmetics fairs scheduled to be held in China in are listed below:. The Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Regulations on Cosmetics Hygienic Supervision stipulate that, when a cosmetic product is first imported into China, its foreign manufacturer or agent must obtain and complete an Application Form for Hygiene Licence of Imported Cosmetics from the relevant hygiene administration department. They must submit their applications directly to the hygiene administration department under the State Council.

Once the application dossiers are received, the hygiene administration department will set up a cosmetics safety panel to inspect the product in question. Products that pass the inspection will be issued with an Approval Document for Hygiene Licence of Imported Cosmetics which is valid for four years. When assessing the mainland cosmetics market, foreign players should pay attention to the relevant standards adopted by mainland authorities. Likewise, trade standards are recommended standards.

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Cardboard Product Displays. Previous: Attractive Cardboard Advertising Display. Shenzhen Makeup Mac Cosmetic Display Stand Regarding this makeup mac cosmetic display stand, the shape is very eye attractive, especially for the cut outs logo at the base, we used foam board to make up the logo and looks very nice.

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All cosmetics can sit and displayed on the shelves with cutouts, so, it is very stable. With 3 sided accessible for your consumers, very easy for them to pick your cosmetics up. Both graphics and dimensions can be customized according to your cosmetics size

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mac makeup wholesale made in china Mac makeup wholesale made in china

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