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I have tried a couple different single-drive NAS drives cheaper, more home-type products from Western Digital and Seagate and I have had issues getting them to be recognized and stay recognized as Time Machine drives. It seems I am always having to reconnect the drives manually and occasionally have to reboot. Is there a more corporate version multi-bay or single that works as smooth and flawlessly as an actual Time Capsule?

Oct 26, 4, Oregon. Buy an old base model Mac mini.

What's the best NAS drive you can buy?

Install Server. Add a large external drive. Every bit as reliable as a TC but faster and more versatile. Reactions: tennisproha , phrehdd and ayetta. Diego7 macrumors newbie. Jul 12, 24 0. I'm in the same boat. I'd rather not purchase another Time Capsule, because I don't want to use it as a router I don't know much about these things, but Apple Support has repeatedly told me that not using a Time Capsule as my primary router vastly increases the risk of corrupted backups.

I don't need a large drive; 1TB is plenty. Right now, I'm stumped. Apr 28, Diego7 said:.

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I don't know much about these things, but Apple Support has repeatedly told me that not using a Time Capsule as my primary router vastly increases the risk of corrupted backups. Last edited: Apr 1, Is that true? I'm not using mine as my primary router, but my network is made up of multiple Airport Extremes. I don't think a NAS is needed for back up. I also have a NAS, but i wouldn't use that for back up's. Apr 1, 54 5.

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I would get a Synology has. Reactions: aristobrat. May 10, 1, I was in the same boat my Time Capsule was starting to show its age and Apple seems to be discontinuing them so I wanted something.

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I like it because it basically gives you your own cloud storage from your own device. It has apps for the iPhone and iPad so you can remotely connect to it. It has a ton of features for the money. It was a little cheaper on Amazon but I bought it at Best Buy for a few dollars more but got it the same day. Maybe check it out. Oct 14, 12, 1, Reactions: tennisproha. A neighbor gave me an older, single-bay Synology NAS that he was going to toss out. I freaking love it. Time Machine backups go so much quicker on it vs. And you can limit how much of the HDD is used for Time Machine, which means you can leave some space left over for use as a general purpose network share.

Actually, those two drives are still functioning as backup boot drives, some eight years later. Since that time I have used a Mac Mini replaced once as a media server, first with synchronized external hard drives, then with a 4-bay thunderbolt external drive from OWC. I have a RAID 5 configuration which has been functioning perfectly for the past few years. However, the thunderbolt drive is noisy - way too noisy to use as a media server, so I had to build a ventilated, sound-isolating cabinet for it. Using a Mac Mini as a dedicated server is overkill, but it has some major advantages on an all-Mac network.

All of the apps I have on my other Macs work on the Mini, and maintaining separate accounts for separate users is no more difficult than on my other Macs. I can use the same firewall configuration and the same anti-virus software, although with an additional license. With a little work and by hooking it up to my TV, it can be used as a streaming device too.

I think there are advantages and disadvantages to any file server configuration. My early experience definitely soured me on the use of a NAS.

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  • Although I see many advantages and although a NAS is a lot more affordable than a dedicated Mac with an external RAID array, there are a lot of drawbacks to be kept in mind. Perhaps the biggest one is that the file system of a NAS is not a Mac file system and setting up multiple user accounts is nothing like it is on a Mac. Both may use Unix file permissions, but the tools available on a NAS are much more rudimentary and fixing things is much more difficult and involved. Network security is particularly important - an improperly configured NAS may allow hackers another way into your network.

    I think anyone considering a NAS should ask themselves some key questions. Do your really need a NAS? Would a cloud-based service work for you? Also, how much redundancy do you really need? Also, Backblaze provides unlimited backup, and that includes attached external hard drives of any size, but not a NAS. If you have multiple Macs on your network that are always connected, always on and are not overly taxed by CPU-intensive tasks, then there is little point - multiple external hard drives should be more than adequate.

    NAS: What You Need to Know before Buying

    Few people at home have a managed network switch and they would be another cost. My impression is Synology has the most robust app ecosystem. RAID 0 provides no internal redundancy, every file is split into chunks spread across each drive. The odds of losing the data stored on a RAID 0 array is multiplied by the number of drives it contains.

    A preconfigured NAS is definitely the way to go, and with the availability of apps, the NAS can serve as a very effective media server without the need for a dedicated Mac. Also, if you want to use it to store your iTunes and Photos libraries, keep in mind that although the content can be shared, they can only be managed by only one computer at a time.

    Also, redundancy is no substitute for a proper backup. Backblaze provides unlimited backup for attached hard drives, but not for a NAS. For that, you need a B2 account and Backblaze charges by the GB - for storage, uploads and downloads. Over the life of the drive, a dedicated Mac mini would be cheaper. Yep, I agree with pretty much all of that. Note that Backblaze B2 , like basically all cloud storage providers, does not charge for data uploads, only storage, downloads, and a small amount for API calls.

    My needs are somewhat less industrial. Then OWC came out with the original Thunderbay 4 drive enclosure and my problems were solved. I had a variety of hard drives, two from external cases and two from my old Mac Pro. But a RAID requires matched drives, and mine were various. The Thunderbay 4 supported those mismatched drives just fine. They mount individually on my desktop. I store most of my data on one drive and back it up on another.

    I also have a Time Machine partition and a clone of my internal drive, and one other drive for various archives. I suspect the noise issue has to do with the drives one is using rather than any inherent problem with the enclosure.

    Oh, and OWC makes models designed for 2. I have a small local LAN using a simple Ethernet switch over which I can share any of these drives to computers connected either by wire or via WiFi. Screen Sharing also works reasonably well.

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