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Waltograph includes two variations: Waltograph 42, a regular font with uppercase and lowercase letters plus a few ligatures and alternates, and Waltograph UI, a unicase font intended for increased legibility at small sizes and on computer screens.

You can download the font for free here. Looking for fonts used in animated movies from Disney company?

Disney Font for Mac

I have to share with you that Disney Cars is very near and dear to my heart! So today I finally made the new Disney Cars logo using their classic font. I also have a super fun treat, I am also adding the Disney Cars number font isn't it pretty? You can find them both below.

I am leaving my old Cars logo the one in black on this page as a sweet reminder of how I started. If you're wondering how I did the chrome for both fonts, I did it in Photoshop. One day in the distant future , I'm going to make an instructional video on how to do it. Disney Cars Font. Disney Cars Number Font. Get ready for Disney's Dumbo movie coming to a theater near you on March 29th. Dumbo is an adorable elephant in a circus whose overly large ears allow him to fly. The actual true type Dumbo font is not available for fee yet, but remember as we mentioned at the top of this page, that while the true type font is not available yet, we will find you similar fonts that we think you'll like.

As soon as it's available, we will make sure to post it here. In the mean time, we found these beautiful fonts that we think do the trick. This first font would look beautiful on a Dumbo birthday invitation and other party printables. This font does not bring a lowercase alphabet but it does bring a numbers set see image below for complete alphabet and numbers which is very pretty. Click on the link below to download font.

Outline Fonts Dafont

This font is the same as above and comes in 2 versions. We wanted to show you what each version looks like. The top one is like an outline font so the white part is transparent. Whatever image you layer behind it will show through. This is the one that we used to make the logo above. The bottom one is full color we made ours blue with a white outline. The white line shows up automatically when you use this font. Here's another dumbo font inspired by The Fontry. This font is equally beautiful and gives you that old time circus feeling.

This font does not have a lowercase alphabet but does bring a numbers set. It's a "lighter" font than the one above and great for multiple projects, including t-shirts as an iron-on , birthday invitations, party printables, scrapbooking and lots more projects. As always, remember these fonts are free for personal use. For commercial use, please contact font author.

Click the link below to download this free font. Here's what the font looks like in it's raw form without the bells and whistles. It's also available in outline form. Here's another similar Dumbo font that gives that circus "big top" feel. It's a lovely font and you can download it here. Here is our version of the Disney Elena of Avalor font. I couldn't decide which one I liked better so I made them all.

16+ Best Disney Fonts

You can click here for the Elena of Avalor logo background. Remember to click on image for font download. Make birthday party invitations, printable party labels, stickers and so much more. Have fun creating your own Elena of Avalor printables. The diamond dot inside the "O" doesn't come with the font so I am sharing mine.

Just right-click and save. Ooh La La!! Get ready for Fancy Nancy! The new series is coming to Disney Jr. Fancy Nancy already has tons of fans and she's know for loving all things fancy and French, and now kids will fall in love with the new Disney Jr. Soon you'll start to hear your little ones asking for a Fancy Nancy party and that's where these awesome free Fancy Nancy fonts come in.

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This will be one "fantastique" party! Fancy Font. Nancy Font. I cannot contain my excitement!!! This new Frozen font by Kustren is absolutely gorgeous!!

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If you're a frequent visitor of our Free Disney Font page, you know that we love fonts! We made this quick Frozen logo using the new font so you could see how beautiful it is! And the best part about it is that it's free!

How To Install Fonts In Microsoft Office on Mac OSX

Want to share what you made with this cute font? Click on the Frozen image below for download. Now go grab that font and start creating! Frozen Font. Frozen Font 3. Guardian of the Galaxy Font. Handy Manny Font. Love this crew!! They're back and funny as ever! The Incredibles 2 movie font is the same as the original The Incredibles movie, but we love fonts so much we decided to make a new logo for the second Disney Pixar movie.

Now put on our Super Suit and start creating with this fun font! Jake and the Never Land Pirates Font. So excited to show you the new Little Mermaid font by Kustren. Out of all the Disney fonts, this is one of my absolute favorites! It's absolutely beautiful!

And, if you don't need the entire alphabet and only want your name, you can do that too. You get to pick the color and size up to size So, if you would like the entire alphabet click here to download, otherwise click on image if you just want the name. If you would like a picture tutorial with instructions on how to use the font generator, visit our Little Mermaid Font page.

disney font microsoft word mac Disney font microsoft word mac
disney font microsoft word mac Disney font microsoft word mac
disney font microsoft word mac Disney font microsoft word mac
disney font microsoft word mac Disney font microsoft word mac
disney font microsoft word mac Disney font microsoft word mac
disney font microsoft word mac Disney font microsoft word mac
disney font microsoft word mac Disney font microsoft word mac
disney font microsoft word mac Disney font microsoft word mac
Disney font microsoft word mac

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