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Search sitewide: Install Google Drive on Mac Desktop. A window asking for your compliance to the Google Terms of Service will pop up. Dependent on your browser, the download file may appear in different spots. A window will appear verifying the download. Drag the Google Drive icon to the Applications folder icon to continue downloading Google Drive to your desktop. The Applications window will open up and the Google Drive icon will be inside. Select the Google Drive icon. A window will appear asking if you want to open Google Drive. While Google Drive does many things well, there are many things other cloud storage options do as well or better.

Google Docs refers to the entire Google Office suite, which somewhat confusingly includes a individual piece of software called Google Docs. Included in the suite are:. Additionally, Google Docs lets you work in near real-time with collaborators from within the document itself.

Install Google Drive on Mac Desktop – Information Technology

You can leave comments in the margins, assign action items to others and make and suggest edits. In addition to its native software, Google has opened the doors to let others create apps that integrate with Google Drive. There are, in fact, hundreds of options you can select from to enhance your Google Drive experience. You can do so by going to google. You can search for specific apps or browse by categories like business tools, productivity and entertainment. Popular options include.

Hopefully, this article has helped you acclimate to the basic ins and outs of Google Drive and how to do just that. With 15GB of free cloud storage, excellent collaboration features and the ability to access your files from your desktop, smartphone and just about any browser, Google Drive is a convenient and capable means of working with files.

Have any other questions on how to use Google Drive? Thanks for reading. A numbered checklist would be much more to my liking. It assumes a fair amount of knowledge of terms. A glossary would assist. No one asked you to criticise.

You are meant to get the information you need and be appreciative, not leave ungrateful comments like this. Agreed Boss.

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We should be thankful for folks willing to stop and document what the know thank you and leave the whiny food critic like assessment of ones personal preferences…… well…….. Thank you!

Open files offline

Nice explanation of the difference between syncing and backing up. This helped me a lot. When someone views a link to my Google drive file, does the file download onto their device? I always thought one of the beauties of Google drive is that when someone sends a link to a file it is viewed from within G D…. The file only downloads when you expressly move it over or move over a copy. Thankyou very much for your comprehensive guide which, even I, understand and will be able to return to when needed. I am just going to let it run and hope for the best. Since the new version of Google Drive has been released, I am finding many of my files and folders arer e-duplicated.

One of these folders will be empty. Why is this?

Save, sync and access file on Google Drive from your Mac

This is fantastic. Thank you for doing this. It feels a little repetitive. But anyway thank you again.

Thank you very much for taking time to do this tho,very helpful! Hi Eamonn Colley, For me, the loss of file structure is almost a deal breaker, since i initially established the structure on my PC for convenience in finding specific files and folders. I wonder why the loss occurs. I read somewhere that it checks for duplicate files during upload. So the files especially images appear only once when uploaded. Is this correct?

I have some many damn duplicates on my PC and external storage drive I am really hoping its true!! This is the best article. It did explain to me the differences between syncronizing, backing up and cloud storing, and how to implement them using Google Drive. It took me many hours to find this article.

Thanks so much! If i really want to go beyond the 15gb free from google, and go for say GB monthly pay.. Someone has shared files photos with me and I have permission to download. Once I download to my laptop does that mean I have the files permanently? If they delete the original link are my files gone? I am advertising a job and want to make an application form and info sheets available to download. Is google drive a good way to do this, or is Dropbox better, or some other service? I am trying to open documents originally created in Excel and when I get them opened some of the data is missing.

Can you tell me why? Probably not all the data migrated from Excel to Google Sheets. Someone shared their files with me, if I download their files onto my laptop and edit them will it edit their original ones on their google drive?

Access and sync your files anywhere

You just saved me so much time and a HUGE headache! This article is helping me a lot in understanding how to use Google Drive. I still have questions to which I have so far not found any good answer anywhere. Perhaps you could provide perspective? However I noticed that GD was not updating dedicated folders with new content added.

Why would that be?

3. Sync, work on documents with your Mac or PC

In some cases 3. This seems to work well. In all honesty, Backup and Sync works well enough but can be really clunky.

There are more streamlined experiences out there, tho. Table of Contents. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest on new releases and more. Thank you—that provided some much needed information. Hi ALyse, The file only downloads when you expressly move it over or move over a copy. Can things be added o shared to your google drive and Google photos without your knowledge. Let me know how you get on, and thanks for commenting.

google drive for mac google docs Google drive for mac google docs
google drive for mac google docs Google drive for mac google docs
google drive for mac google docs Google drive for mac google docs
google drive for mac google docs Google drive for mac google docs
google drive for mac google docs Google drive for mac google docs

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