Mac face and body c3 equivalent

It really does all the hard work for you and you can build upto a medium coverage!

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No more sticky fingers! I'm not sure why it does this, I think it has something to do with the sheerness of the foundation and perhaps the film former ingredient separating from the emollients and pigments. Let me know in the comment section below or on Instagram if this occurs with you too.

This doesn't happen when I use my fingers though.

MAC Face & Body

I've tried sponges too but feel that initially applying with a sponge just absorbs too much product and I end up using an unnecessary amount and get barely any coverage. Coverage -wise, this is very sheer to medium. It's excellent for when I want an extremely natural, undetectable, light coverage look, it makes my skin look more even and nicely unified. In my opinion this foundation is great for those with very good to good skin. I do really like how naturally even, healthy and luminous this makes my skin look but obviously only when my skin is behaving itself.

This is not the foundation I would choose on my awful skin days, hah! The finish of the Face and Body is luminous and dewy on me before setting , your skin-type or the type of skin prep done beforehand or after can alter this. Alternatively if you use a mattifying primer you'll get more of a satin finish, if you've been generous with the moisturiser you'll get a very dewy radiant finish and obviously if you set this with a powder it'll reduce the shine substantially.

Those that love a dewy radiant finish will adore this.

It's brilliant for people who have dull, dry lacklustre skin as I find it really perks up the skin. But on the other hand when my skin isn't behaving itself and I have breakouts or more texture, this would be the last option as light coverage and very dewy finishes can be a nightmare on textured skin as every bump is highlighted and prominent, it can literally turn me into a shiny bumpy mess, which is not a good look!

The feel of Face and Body on the skin is lightweight, though the slight tacky feel can sometimes be a give away and a put off. It's a hydrating and emollient foundation and not at all suffocating. This can feel 'wet' and oily if a lot is applied and especially after powdering you can feel something on your skin.

As I mentioned before, this can be built up to a medium coverage, possibly I use a 50 pence size blob and it gives me light to medium coverage. I've noticed that I've gone through this 50ml bottle rather quickly considering it's not a favourite and I don't reach for it that often. I t's just not worth it if it can only offer light coverage, unless of course you have fan-tabulous skin! Also comes in a ml sized bottle. With regards to oxidisation , I feel like MAC foundations have a tendency to oxidise, with the Face and Body in particular I didn't experience any major satsuma-fication like I did with the Studio Fix, but I feel the Face and Body does oxidise on me a little.

I'm not surprised though to be honest but I would have preferred it if it didn't oxidise. As far as longevity is concerned I don't think this can last very long compared to something like the Estee Lauder Doublewear which is infamous for its' longevity, using a time lengthening primer or tons of setting powder will definitely increase longevity of the Face and Body.

I see the separation happening within the hour and I notice the foundation sits in a particular fine line that I have on my forehead.

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I think this can last a decent while when properly set and primed but in my opinion the Face and Body is way too emollient to have strong lasting powers, regardless of the "film former" element in it and I most certainly don't find this to be transfer resistant. It's meant to be for the face and the body , I think it's used mostly in shoots to even out the colour of the models body and to make things look a little more 'perfect' on camera, but I don't think getting stains on clothes is too much of an issue for them, I personally wouldn't wear this foundation on my body and happily let my clothes rub or graze against it.

I do think this is a decent foundation and one to try out but it's definitely not a favourite of mine.

Foundation Shade Guide - MAC NCNC30 to NCNC40 Shade Match/ Equivalents

If you have brilliant skin to start off with, this'll work out great for you. I probably won't be repurchasing this when it finishes and will definitely "Back 2 MAC" the empty bottle. I recommend getting some samples and trialling it yourself to see how you feel before purchasing it.

As always I can't guarantee that you'll share the same opinions as mine and as per usual I hope this was helpful.

Powered by Blogger. I like the squeezy bottle packaging and the little nozzle on top!

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I have this in the shade C3, but can also wear C4 too. The texture is very fluid and the bottle needs shaking as the contents tend to separate. Newer Post Older Post. You Might Also Like. Newer Stories. Older Stories. Many months and three shades later, I bring you my final verdict. Not the most glamorous packaging eh? Let me first say that I pride myself on my ability to wrap my head around tricky textures and sometimes shitty textures so I was surprised that I encountered a fair amount of trial and error.

I work in sections: My usual light hand resulted in patchy, uneven coverage. Moral of my anecdote: If you cannot fathom such rigorous facial contact, then I will say that the Beauty Blender produces a more than satisfactory result but I still prefer fingers. I prefer it applied lightly for sheer coverage but you can let it set and apply another thin layer for medium coverage. As always, no primer, powder or concealer.

mac face and body c3 equivalent Mac face and body c3 equivalent
mac face and body c3 equivalent Mac face and body c3 equivalent
mac face and body c3 equivalent Mac face and body c3 equivalent
mac face and body c3 equivalent Mac face and body c3 equivalent
mac face and body c3 equivalent Mac face and body c3 equivalent

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