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He gave me a Case No. I called my supplier, gave him the details. Nothing I have tried, yet, has helped. Can you or anyone please help with a solution.

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No doubt a simple one but it has eluded me so far. Hoping to hear from someone that knows. Have a great day Rosco. Change Keyboard settings in control panel, Language, change input methods. Punctuation from top row looks like this:!

What can I do when pressing a key produces the wrong result?

Language is set to Canadian English I have to copy and paste an at symbol to input an email Cannot input a question mark either. Through this forum I discovered I had inadverdently hit left shift and Ctrl at same time.

Control features on your Mac

This changed the shift key output. Keying LeftShift and Ctrl again toggled the output back to conventioal settings. It makes me angry every time the keyboard settings suddenly change and start putting the wrong characters in. I had the same problem with my last laptop, but finding the answer to fix the problem was not as easy. Thanks again! Does not work on new Dell laptops,,,,no separate numbers and no numlock key.

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Do a C and it cahnges to a copyright key…but change the front from candara to calibri and all back to normal. Changes entire phone numbers…. The Control Panel sample given on another site was a joke…an obsolete version of Control Panel… and mine were not even checked…this is a Microsoft bug…period plain and simple.

Solved my issue by temporarily switching over to the U. I have a problem with my keyboard as well. When I am viewing files and would like to delete one, as soon as I click on my right side of the touchpad it automatically kicks me out of my files and drops that screen down to my tray.

How to Fix a Water Damaged Keyboard

I can easily bring it up to full screen again but the file is not gone. It does not do this in any of my programs…. I can right click and it brings up a menu with choices, one of which being cut, copy, paste, delete. It just kicks me right out. My computer was wiped and had to restart with windows My key always types something else. Have tried all the above and replaced my keyboard and still the same problem.

I have done sticky key changing formula but it didnt work some of the keys of my window tab are still showing incorrect letter what should i do plzzzzz guide me anyone. Control panel Language Change input methods Delete all languages but the one primarily used. Only use English…in America it is really the only language to use…so our sets only have it loaded…above not an option.

This is the default hotkey to change keyboard layouts.. Thank you! I tried to the other solutions to no avail but this one worked for me. Thanks so much. Tried absolutely everything else that people suggested on here, took me hours!! But yours worked.

[SOLVED] Wireless Magic Keyboard Special Function Buttons Not Working – Perfect Fit Computers

I only managed to type it by doing copy and paste.. It is NOT the keyboard in my case. This problem appeared last year when typing in browsers. I even changed two keyboards, but some weird characters still appear in some text boxes.

I have to type my email address in Notepad, then paste into the browser. Methinks the issue appeared with Windows 10 and only in browsers, in my case. And look here: I typed this post directly, instead of copy-paste from Word or Notepad. The annoying problem cannot be solved completely. In my case, it persists when I type my email address in Google Chrome. I set the language correctly in Settings, Advanced, Language.

The damned browser still types the incorrect characters!

A Beginner's Guide to Mac Keyboard Shortcuts (#1596)

Other browsers type correctly every character according to my keyboard layout. Everything Google does in printing is terrible. You copy and paste in a Gmail email, the terrible mavericks add extra empty spaces, etc. Wake up, Google! Ion Saliu, Windows 10 Is Still? Be axiomatic! Hi, I have followed the instructions and changed the language to three different languages.

Changing what keys do

How can I fix this? Try Left Alt key and Shift key together. Seems to toggle between language packs if you have multiple installed. Rather annoying! Took me over an hour of searching to find this solution! A suggestion made to me was to ensure that not only do you close down my computer at night but switch it off completely. I even unplugged everything and, magically, the next morning when I switched it on, everything was n the right place!!

I have Windows 10 and have never had problems until the last 3 months. None of those worked, had a friend come in and he uninstalled the keyboard language driver, English US put in a different one English UK then uninstalled it then put English US back in. Also I had a windows update a few days ago so suspect that was what caused this.

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  • So uf this happens to you use the pop up keyboard that appear on the screen to log bavk in. Before this an update deleted ALL my files and programs! Years ago there was a way to assign ascii codes to each individual key, I wonder if that can still be done? Thanks saves me bringing up the virtual keyboard for every punctuation mark. Does anybody know how to fix this?? Your email address will not be published. Name required.

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