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I was extremely happy with the app as I paid for it before the subscriptions were in effect to remove ads and unlock all the features. I had shared the app with many others touting how many amazing features it had.

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Anyone using iOS can re-download via previous purchases to use the original paid app on iPhone or iPad. Most users that use iOS are not asking for cross compatibility as they prefer the Apple echo system.

The bare minimum you as developers could of done for your supporters that started your success by buying the original app is giving complimentary ad free option to those that purchased the original pro app. The subscription based model just spits in the face of those that brought you success. What about when iOS changes their file system again in the future and the original paid app is no longer supported. Those that paid are just out of luck? Thanks for your time and comments Outsidrm, and we are sorry you feel this way.


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Please note that we always have our users in mind every time we make a decision regarding our site and features, and it's with this passion and commitment that we have developed and released what we believe is a vast improved version of all our previous apps combined, available for free to all users including numerous features previously blocked by purchase , and a subscription program that stops limitations like no cross-platform downloads or notable differences between app and website.

With our subscription program, we tailor different features for everyone based on their interests, and how much information they are after. We encourage you to have a look at the new app, as we hope you'll see all the features it's packed with, and for any questions you may have you can always contact our Support team. I use this app with Gold subscription to track inbound aircraft and their chain of flights. The inflight arrival estimates are great and generally accurate.

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So knowing all this information helps me save time and most importantly reduces stress. I grant that sometimes there may be a backup aircraft available if the inbound aircraft is late but that is the exception to the rule.

Please synchronize my iPad filters with my iPhone filters: Hey developer, how about if you let people that paid you use the new app ads free and with the same basic functions we had in the paid app we purchased? Even if all the other new features do not work. That is OK.

How to identify Planes and boats using flightradar24 and marinetraffic. (FREE)

Me and others made it possible through our purchase of the app to get the app to where it is today. Now greed has taken over the developer and they want a month or yearly subscription. How about that? Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog. Sign in with Facebook or.

Flightradar24 (free version) download for Mac OS X

Sign in now Forgot password? Create new account. Flightradar24 2. Turns your Mac into an air traffic radar monitor.

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Follow This App Developer website: Flightradar24 AB. Top community discussions about Flightradar24 Is there a better alternative to Flightradar24? See discussion Is Flightradar24 really the best app in Travel category? See discussion Will Flightradar24 work good on macOS See discussion. Version 2.

Flightradar24 2.0.2

Requirements for Flightradar24 OS X As apilot of 46 years,now retired aged 94 Ifind it very interesting and entertaining Eric Robin son. Uk Flights in my area More. FlightRadar24 Your review for FlightRadar24 Your review's pretty short - tell us more about this program. I hope will be good.

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flight radar 24 app for mac Flight radar 24 app for mac
flight radar 24 app for mac Flight radar 24 app for mac
flight radar 24 app for mac Flight radar 24 app for mac
flight radar 24 app for mac Flight radar 24 app for mac
flight radar 24 app for mac Flight radar 24 app for mac
flight radar 24 app for mac Flight radar 24 app for mac
flight radar 24 app for mac Flight radar 24 app for mac

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