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1. Autodesk Sketchbook

It intelligently splits file downloads into multiple segments and simultaneously downloads them; allowing for a faster overall transfer speed than using a web browser. Folx Pro 5. It offers convenient downloads managing, flexible settings, etc. Folx has a unique system of sorting and keeping the downloaded content. It offers unique system of […].

Window managers

Must Read Tutorials. Top Ten Last 30 Days. Final Cut Pro X Logic Pro X CMM X 4. Microsoft Office Ableton Live Suite Motion 5. However, that does not mean that there are no good free apps out there. In fact, there are a ton of them.

Some of the apps on this list are evergreen and you most probably already have them installed on your device. But some of them are entirely new. No matter, how old an app is, it is new for somebody out there. That said, no matter how avid a Mac user you are, I can bet that you will find at least 5 new Mac apps out of the article which you have never heard about before. So, open your Macs and get ready to download these awesome free Mac apps. The dark mode on macOS Mojave is no half-cooked dark mode that you find on windows.

Rather, it's the most complete dark mode I have seen on any device. When you turn on the dark mode on your Mac, not only it turns the system UI but also the stock apps. Not only that, apps that support automatic dark mode also adhere to the same guideline.

These Mac apps are great for

Once you turn on the dark mode, they automatically default to dark mode. While that's great in most situation, I wish Apple included a way to create a whitelist for apps that are not functional in dark mode. The default Mail app and the Evernote app are a few examples of an app that still work best in light mode. That's where NightOwl comes in.

10 Must Have Mac Apps of 2019!

It's a menu bar app that allows you to create a whitelist of apps that you don't want to use in dark mode. Not only that, but it also allows you to quickly switch between dark and light mode with a simple click at its icon. The app is completely free to download and use with a voluntary donation.

The Best Mac Apps to Install on Your MacBook or iMac

I want to start this article with an app which I have discovered just a couple of months back and have fallen in love. As its name suggests, Unsplash Wallpapers is a wallpaper app for Mac which gives you access to unlimited ultra-high resolution wallpapers for your Macs. One of the things that I love most about MacBooks is its display. Apple packs phenomenal displays on the Macs. Before I discovered Unsplash Wallpapers, it used to be a chore to change wallpapers. First, I had to find good wallpapers, then I had to download them, and only then I could use them.

With Unsplash Wallpapers app, you can change the wallpaper just with one click. If you like a wallpaper, you can even download it. If you love wallpapers, you are going to love this app. This is one of the first apps that I download whenever I move on to a new Mac. The app is basically the best unarchiving app you can get for your Mac, free or otherwise. EXE installers and more.

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While this is really good, sometimes you need to keep your Mac running even if you are not interacting with it. One of the examples that come to mind is when you are downloading a large file. If your Mac falls asleep during the download, it will stop it, and depending on the software that you are using to download the file, you might have to restart the download from the beginning. Amphetamine solves this problem by allowing users to keep their Macs awake even when they are not doing anything. The app is powerful and allows users to keep their Macs awake for how much ever long they want.

Not only that, users can also set triggers to keep their Macs awake. For example, you can tell Amphetamine to not put your Mac to sleep whenever a certain app is running. Gifs are all the rage today. More and more users are creating and sharing their own gifs. And if you want to be one of them then this is the tool you need.

Once you launch the app it will create a translucent green window with a capture button at the bottom. All you need to do is to drop the window on top of the video you want to capture and click on the capture button. Once you are done with the recording, click on the record button again to stop the recording. It is probably the easiest way to create gifs on your Mac. Spectacle is one of the apps that I install instantly on a new Mac.

Macs are good at many things but one thing that still eludes it is a good window management feature.

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  • Apple has not solved the window management problem in the latest macOS Catalina so I guess, we have to wait for one more year. In fact, the window management problem has become even worse in macOS Catalina in my opinion. If you are also fed up of Apple's native approach towards window management, you should Install Spectacle. This is a simple menu bar app that allows you to easily resize and place windows with keyboard commands.

    I can easily set a window to either half of the display both vertically and horizontally, make it go full screen, snap it to the center, and more. uses cookies.

    Once you install this app, your window management workflow will become ten times faster. In my line of work, I have to attach a ton of screenshots like in this article. And before I upload any picture on my website, I pass it through ImageOptim.

    Download Spotify

    The app deletes all the unnecessary metadata such as GPS position and camera's serial number and compresses the image. This allows me to upload the image on the web without any privacy hazards and ensures that the file sizes are low. The app is pretty easy to use. NotePlan is a one-of-a-kind app that comes across as a readymade digital Bullet Journal. It lets you create, view, and manage tasks, notes, reminders, and events in a single, easy-to-use interface. The development tools are free to download.

    Download: Xcode Free. Download: Visual Studio Code Free. Atom starts off as a basic text editor that you can customize as you please using the add-on packages available. This document browser and code snippet manager gives you fast access to reference materials for various programming languages. We recommend that you polish it up with a few visual tweaks and make it more powerful with the Mailbutler extension.

    Best free Mac apps

    If you want a smart-looking email client with smart features like automatic email sorting, quick replies, and natural language search, install Spark. It has an iOS client too and supports cloud syncing of accounts, settings, and signatures. Download: Spark Free, premium subscription available. If you want your Gmail experience to be identical both on the web and on the desktop, get Kiwi for Gmail. It works with the popular scheduling plugin Boomerang. The lite version of Kiwi limits you to one Gmail account. With a premium subscription, you get access to multiple accounts and Google Suite apps as native desktop clients.

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